4 thoughts on “Palmyra Delran, Little Steven’s Underground Garage (8/6/2020)

  1. Jim Santoro says:

    HI there Palmyra, I have been trying took hookup with you and Little Staven for months I hope this gets to you. I have a I phone app for free Italian radio stations and heard the live interview with Little Steven the beginning of October with Radio DeeJayout of Tuscona while I was at work at the Chrysler Technology Center, Aubernhills, MI. between 9:15-9:45am. Ausome plan they have to promote Italian artists in US. I studied Italian languge for 4 semester from Jan 2018-Apr.2020. I’d like to send you snappy italian words for your show. ie: a liitle bit of this and a little bit of that. email me I’ll fill you in.

  2. John H. Fringer says:

    Dear Palmyra,
    Have to tell you that I loved your set yesterday, which helped me stay awake while I was driving back from Davidson, NC. I was awful tired after doing a lot of hiking in NC, But you are the first DJ I can remember who played Darkness Darkness by the Youngbloods. Never knew that was Charlie Daniels on the fiddle or that he produced it, but you were so right that Jesse Colin Young has a helluva voice. For my roommate & I at Lebanon Valley College (next to Palmyra, PA) in 1972, That song really helped when coming down from acid trips! But have you heard of Holly Golightly and the Greenhornes & this song: https://youtu.be/VfhSqcn5K2Y ? I’m sure you probably have, but I hadn’t, & it opened up a whole new genre for me. I also thought it was a coincidence that you’re from Princeton, where my father, brother, and his kid went to school. (I’m kind of the black sheep or a mistake , especially since I was born when my father was 57, and he only lived til I was 9, but I still miss him—at 69.)
    Anyway, I LUVV your show, & especially your commentary.
    Please never leave!

  3. Scott davis says:

    Naked phelge was the name jagger and Richard’s chose as authors of some tunes.they did this because they thought that if all the songs on their lp were jagger Richard’s it wouldn’t look good.it also stands for a goofy business man in england.


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