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Wow, we let this site slide a bit.  Six months is probably too long to go between updates.  Well, as they say no news is good news because we’ve been super busy in that six months working on our new album and planning our CD release parties…yep, plural.

So first, here’s the info about the CD…this is a full length album with 11 songs.  It’s self-titled and will be released 9/23/2014 on Swade Records.  We are extremely excited and proud about this album.  We took extra time in the studio to add in all the parts we’ve heard in our heads that we haven’t been able to play in a live setting.  We’re happy with how it turned out and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

The first single will be “What’s Life Without”, one of our newer songs that has a southern-rock twang to it.  Look for links on where you can download it FREE!

As for the CD release parties, check the Shows page for the details but here’s the basic run down:

The first show , September 26th at Wooley Bully’s (over 21 and free admission) starts at 9pm with an acoustic performance by TC Davis and Corey Gray from the Americana/rock band, The Sparrows.  The Redlines will then take the stage along with special guests percussionist Brian Fazio and keyboardist Tim Mabin of The Dan Bubien Band.

The second show, October 4th, starting at 9:30pm at Howlers, features openers Southside American and Coronado with The Redlines rounding out the night.  The Redlines will be joined again by Brian Fazio along with Alex Sands, keyboardist from Coronado.  Admission is $5.00 at the door and all attendees must be over 21.

We hope to see you there!

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