Full-length album available NOW!

Today’s the day! Our new self-titled full-length album is officially available darn near everywhere!

Here’s where you can get it:

Physical CDs:
Swade Records – http://rdlns.us/swade
Sloan’s Guitar Emporium
At any of our shows!

Digital Mp3’s:

Bandcamp – http://rdlns.us/bc
iTunes – http://rdlns.us/itunes
D Baby – http://rdlns.us/cdbaby
Spotify – http://rdlns.us/spot
Rhapsody – http://rdlns.us/rhapsody
Amazon.com – http://rdlns.us/amazon
Google Play – http://rdlns.us/google

It’s also available on many other digital music sites so be sure to check your favorite service. And don’t forget to write a review!


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